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Bite The Bullet

Power Play! (1999-12-05)

Most of you have heard my oohs and ah's about hi-cap pistols from WA and as some of you are aware, I carry a trusted WA CQB for those weekend skirmishes. You've read about the power and accuracy of these awesome pistols, punching through soda cans, piercing cardboard, magazines, etc. But do you ever wonder how it performs shooting your skirmish buddies? This past weekend was gave me the opportunity to experience this firsthand.

Wildgoose and I were playing defense in a SWAT entry simulation (we were playing the bad guys) and the entry team was moderately experienced at best. Too timid to make full entry into the room but shooting randomly through gaps in the cardboard boxes shielding the doorway, I soon became fed up with waiting and ran up, jammed my CQB into the gap and fired off 6 rapid shots before pulling my arm back out and rolling to the side with my back to the boxes and ducking under the gap. What followed was a craze of rapid fire in all directions and in the midst of it, a BB apparently shot through the box I had my back to and nailed me..

Feeling hurt (both in pride and in my back), I stood up and yelled "HIT" before strolling out of the room. Outside, I met my killer...another CQB owner who had simply decided to shoot through the boxes to kill me off. While we stood and discussed the merits of the CQB, I met my victim who had apparently been shot three times during my 6 shot "through-the-gap" rampage. Raising his bare arms, he displayed through blood wounds that were still bleeding.

"My CQB did that?!", I asked?

The answer was obvious. Lesson learned was for indoor combat, using HFC134a in the CQB was quite sufficient and that HFC22 was to be saved only for those large outdoor fields.