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Bite The Bullet

New Love With Jewels - SV Compact Carry (2000-03-28)

As most of our loyal readers of this column may recall, we introduced our "new love" in the December 1999 issue of Bite the Bullet. At the time that the SV Infinity Compact Carry was introduced, we applauded it's power to size ratio, as well as the finishing and metal lower frame that added to excellent weight distribution. Well now look what WA sent along our even more beautiful version that even replaces the neon blue trigger (which I didn't particularly like) for a silver one. Not only is the latest trend in nickel plating gas blowbacks but WA has also chosen to individually assign unique serial numbers to each, stamped right on the lower frame. Incidentally, I myself grabbed number 00254 out of the 500 limited edition pieces of this beauty that WA has been rumored to produce. Finishing is top notch as usual and the silver finishing really brings out the details in the rear hammer assembly. Installed with adjustable BOMAR sights and sporting all the power and kick as the older black model released back in December, the silver model quickly made itself into RedWolf's private collection. Why did I share this with you here in the editorial column? Simply because I haven't been as proud of an addition to my collection in a long long time - not since the now discontinued and rare WA Prokiller.

This also gives me the opportunity to explain why in many cases nickel plated airsoft guns tend to be lighter than their black counterparts. The answer is actually quite surprising in that it is a technology limitation. Fabricators have simply found it difficult to nickel plate ABS plastic with metal content that designers typically add to plastic slides to add weight. The combination of metal and plastic in heavy weight slides makes nickeling quite difficult and attempts at doing so have often led to peeling. This was quite apparent in some of the earlier MGC nickel plated heavy weight pistols that actually peeled their own silver coatings off after just sitting on the shelf for an extended period of time. While not an issue with our limited edition friend here, we are eagerly looking to add a silver metal slide to our newest love to finish off an almost-perfect gas blowback (in our opinion)!