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Bite The Bullet

Rules of Engagement (2000-06-18)

So what's an airsoft fan to do on a lazy Saturday yet rainy afternoon? Go see a movie of course and what better kind of film is there to watch other than one that has lots of guns and shooting. So I drove on over to the local cinema and took in a good two hours worth of the recent movie "Rules of Engagement" starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel Jackson. I was not disappointed and got a glimpse of modern US Marine's armament as well as a half-convincing attempt at portraying combat during the US involvement in Vietnam in the beginning of the movie. Some notable appearances in the movie include the M16VN (I think), M4A1, AK-47 and some other recognizable "third-world" weapons. In a scene where Marines are loading onto a chopper aboard an aircraft carrier, you clearly see one of the Marines with an M4A1 installed with an M203 grenade launcher.

There weren't a lot of combat scenes though but the movie was, in my opinion, top notch. For those interested, you can also check out their flash-enabled website at This is probably one of the better movie sites with excellent clips and footage. There is even a mini question-and-answer exercise to test your judgment and tact in handling the rules of engagement when things aren't so clear cut. So do you know what the rules are? Visit the site and find out! So I digress, now back to airsoft. Made me pick up my M4A1 as soon as I got home! ;-)