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Bite The Bullet

LA Trip Report (2001-11-13)

Real steel guns including the DE 357, P99, P226, P220 As some of you may know, I made a trip out to visit some of our friends out in LA, USA, this past summer (around the July timeframe). During my short stay, I was fortunate enough to meet up with some of our friends and customers, one of them being Peter. As a long time customer of RedWolf Airsoft, and a frequent chat-mate of Wildgoose, Peter and his friends treated me with hospitality that was second to none, making my 15 hour direct flight from Hong Kong truly worthwhile.

Nickel Plated Beretta 92F While I'm tempted to go into the details of what a tasty lunch Peter and gang treated me to, I'm sure most of you would be more interested with where they treated me to next! Off they whizzed me into their car and after one stop to pick up what you see in these pictures, we headed out to a firing range for some real-steel action. While Peter and gang are avid airsoft lovers, they are also real-steel lovers with an impressive collection that would make an airsofter jealous. On the way, Peter even toured me through their local indoor venue which offered ample room for skirmishing! Once we arrived at the range, I was given the opportunity to sample some of Peter's (and his friend's) collection, including his favorite Nickel plated Desert Eagle, a Sig Sauer P220 and P226, and P99 with integral laser targeting. All were superbly crafted pistols that were extremely fun to shoot. Picking up these real-steel weapons (which are banned in Hong Kong no matter what license you carry!) reminded me how authentic and detailed airsoft pistols from premier manufacturers like WA, KSC, Tanaka, and Tokyo Marui are.

Loading up the DE 357 Bang Bang Bang! Especially impressive was a Nickel plated Beretta 92F which I did not get to shoot but did get to hold up close and personal. The finishing and detail of the WA Beretta definitely gives the real-steel a run a for its money! Of course no matter how authentic looking airsoft pistols are, they in no way match the kick and recoil of a real-steel weapon. Despite that, airsoft pistols are extremely authentic looking. The same can be said for the P99 and P226 which I also got to try. Peter's favorite Desert Eagle 357 is also a blast to shoot, giving the words "Hand Cannon" a whole new meaning.

The hand cannon Taking aim with the laser guided P99 The flash trail on firing a shot extends beyond the barrel for at least a foot, which brought a huge grin to my face as I pummeled the silhouette target. Installed with a red-dot sight, I was able to target the Desert Eagle from a distance of approximately 20 meters with no problems. I'd like to extend my sincerest thanks to Peter and his crew in hosting me to an extremely entertaining afternoon!