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Bite The Bullet

No April Fool's (2001-04-01)

Long awaited for by many Browning enthusiasts, Tanaka finally debuts this much awaited 2001 pistol. Weighing in at a "hefty" 550g, this is no heavyweight. For true Browning fans, the details are true to form with trademarks and inscriptions all inscribed into the slide. As expected, the valve technology resembles that of WA's magna-blowback system. Rated at HFC134a, we found this new pistol to be quite receptive to HFC22 with very quick cycle times and good accuracy. While we would wish for stronger blowback, we were definitely impressed with shooting performance and power.

We were worried that Tanaka had lost its touch. After announcing that it was stopping production of the P226, many worried that Tanaka was out of the game of manufacturing airsoft pistols. Their recent releases of revolvers definitely deserves our praise, through which their daring design gives what most revolver enthusiasts complain about most: decent power! While we will stop short of declaring this Browning a run-away hit, it definitely shows Tanaka is determined to stay in the game. So kudos to Tanaka which sure isn't this year's April fools.