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Model Airsoft Guns

Model airsoft guns are replica guns, which are usually made of zinc-alloy or plastic and do not function at all. Nowadays the majority of model guns commonly available are replicated to the physical outlook (authentic trademarks and markings too), a full scale of the real gun counterpart. A lot of them are even made to highly replicate internal mechanisms so that they are able to strip-down exactly and imitate closely the functionalities of the real steel counterpart. Some of them operate exactly like the real ones using a tiny bit of gunpowder (the cap) to produce firing sound, spark but unable to fire any projectiles. 

What are Model Airsoft Guns?

There are a plethora of model airsoft guns on the market today which come at a range of prices and types. These range from small pistols to rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and machine-gun models. To this day the handgun models are still the most popular.

Some model airsoft guns feature shell ejection and loading of cartridge action which requires manually pulling the slide. The commonly available model airsoft guns today are generally classified into display-only (dummy / non-ignition) and cap-firing (ignition) versions. Most dummy versions still highly replicate the appearance and internal mechanism of real counterparts with all moving parts work such that chamber/cycling dummy shells and field striping like real ones. 

The cap-firing model guns besides replicating the appearance and internal mechanism as real guns like the dummy version are also able to "fire" the cartridge to produce a spark, smoke, bang sound, and slide cycling action (blowback) on automatic models. The "firing block" is in fact a stamped steel block that hits the cartridge rim area when hit by a hammer. This system drives the entire cartridge case with the cap into the detonator in the barrel to fire the internal cap. This system of course is very different from the design of the real guns. The firing pin hits the center of the cartridge "primer" which pushes the cap to the detonator to fire the cap, which then produces that bang and spark!

Please note we do not have cap firing models nor automatic model airsoft guns!

How Have a Non-Firing Model Airsoft Gun?

There are very strict gun control laws for model airsoft guns to restrain the mechanisms and materials used. This makes the model airsoft guns safe and cannot be converted into something that can fire live cartridges or projectiles. A sight to behold, very similar to the real steel counterparts and completely harmless, this makes them very attractive to gun enthusiasts especially in those countries with very strict real gun control. What makes them so appealing is they are only cost a fraction of the real ones and can replicate rare guns. Without the need for a license for ownership, model airsoft guns are legal in many countries. With that said, it is recommended that the respective law regarding imitated firearms of the individual country should be consulted. Modelguns are not illegal in many countries but it is very hard to pass through customs as immigration cannot tell if it is real or just a toy.