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Airsoft is a trending hobby, growing in interest each year across all ages. They debuted in the 1970s thanks to Ichiro Nagata, a photographer and shooting enthusiast who resided in a small town in Japan.

From its inception, airsoft play has turned into an entertaining activity for teens and adults alike, creating an outdoor activity that can bring family and friends together. From cosplay to competitive shooting, airsoft is a safer option to boost your shooting skills while participating in a fun, enjoyable activity — and it's enjoyed all around the world!

What Is an Airsoft Gun? 

Plain and simple, an airsoft gun is a replica of an authentic gun. Their appearance and functionality are the prime reasons for their popularity. Airsoft gunsare built to look, feel, and operate the same as real firearms, except that instead of bullets, they shoot plastic pellets, or BBs. 

The plastic BBsare propelled by compressed gas or air. They can be biodegradable or non-biodegradable and are sold in 6mm form.

The airsoft gun, or “soft air gun” as it is formerly known, came about when it was illegal to own a firearm in Japan in the 1970s. However, many still expressed interest in guns. Thus, the first airsoft guns were invented.

Airsoft quickly gained popularity across Asia, then spread to the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s, and eventually made its way to North America in the mid-1990s. Today, airsoft is enjoyed globally by enthusiasts who value its focus on safety, realism, strategy, and sport.

Why Is It Called Airsoft? 

Airsoft guns were initially created to comply with Japan’s rules and regulations on gun control. A freon-silicone oil mixture was used for the gas to propel the BBs in the early models, later moving to a propane-silicone oil mixture. 

The latter mixture is referred to as “Green Gas.” It is responsible for the name Airsoft, or “soft air,” as it’s originally translated. Airsoft had a stronger ring to it, wouldn’t you agree? 

Types of Airsoft Guns: Which Is Right for You?  

Are you considering purchasing an airsoft gun but still need to decide? That is understandable — there is a lot to choose from! 

Is it the realism you’re interested in? Or is it the thrill of the game? It may be a combination of factors. Here are a few items to consider before making your purchase:

  • Fun Factor
  • Realism
  • Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Value
  • Collectability

Once you’ve assessed the factors above and built your list of must-haves, it is time to select the airsoft gun that best suits you. Take into consideration the manufacturer, the platform type, and the build type.

Airsoft Gun Build Types

Brace yourself! There are many product types available to you to choose from. At RedWolf, we offer:

Airsoft Gun Platform Types

Another option to choose from is the platform type. This could be a decision factor for you as it can dictate the price.

There are three different platform types to choose from:

  • Spring-Powered: Considered the most affordable, this is a great starter option for those on a tight budget and do not mind having to manually cock the gun in between rounds.
  • Automatic Electric, or AEG: Less manual, offering semi-auto and full-auto fire. This is another popular choice for beginners as it is a higher-performing gun than the spring-powered one. A battery pack powers electric guns.
  • Gas-Powered: Another high-performance option that requires time for maintenance and training. This is recommended for those who have experience. There are different variations of airsoft gas to choose from. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for best performance.

Airsoft Gun Manufacturers

There are numerous airsoft gun manufacturers around the world. Some popular brands include Classic Army, VFC, LCT, Novritsch, and APS. But there are many more fantastic brands that stand out!

Here are four companies to place in the spotlight:

  • Tokyo Marui: The most consistent brand choice, delivering exceptional products to the market. They take the lead in aftermarket parts, too. They are famous for the first electric gearbox in 1992, which is commonly found in airsoft guns today.
  • King Arms: Beginner’s choice both for price and first-time use. A solid choice for new players on a budget who are not concerned with max options or performance.
  • Umarex: Known for their replica of real steel H&K, Umarex remains a top-selling airsoft gun brand. Check out the Glock series of pistols, another successful product they manufacture. 
  • KRYTAC: Recognized for their exceptional performance, durability, and innovative design. They are a highly sought-after choice for both beginner and seasoned airsoft players.

Airsoft Gun and Pellet Colors: Does It Matter? 

Airsoft guns come in a standard black finish if that is the look you prefer. Other color options that are easily overlooked include tan, gray, blue, and olive green. RedWolf also offers CERAKOTE service, meaning you can customize your airsoft guns to whatever color you please. You can also choose to apply a camouflage pattern like multicam.

Feel free to use your creativity here. Keep in mind visibility. The lighter the color of the BBs, the easier it is to track it in dark environments. Conversely, if you’re using airsoft guns in a snowy environment, you may want to opt for black or other dark-colored BBs (or tracer BBs).

So, does the color matter? No. The color is a personal preference. Consider where you plan to play as a start and adapt to those surroundings to help camouflage yourself and build technique.

Are Airsoft Guns Legal?  

Yes, airsoft guns are legal for the U.S. market — federal regulations apply to all states. In addition, there are additional regulations specific to each state. However, note it’s legal in most countries. Some countries, such as China, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, have banned them.

It’s important to check with your state or local government on regulations established before playing. Also, check the rules with the venue before play to ensure all requirements are met. 

Federal Law states that:

  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase an airsoft gun. Players under the age of 18 may be allowed to take part in the gameplay under adult supervision.
  • Airsoft guns may only be pointed at someone with their consent or during an airsoft event.
  • An orange tip at least 6mm long must be installed on the gun. The tip differentiates the gun between a real firearm and an airsoft gun. 
  • Airsoft guns must be stored in a case or a bag while being transported,

For more information on U.S. state regulations, visit Airsoft Gun Laws by State. You can also check out some more information about other countries with large airsoft markets:

Where Are Airsoft Guns Sold?   

If you’re looking for quality, look no further than RedWolf Airsoft. 

RedWolf Airsoft is a highly reputable global retailer in the airsoft industry. Recognized for a vast selection of products, you can find everything from airsoft guns to equipment and accessories from top brands. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran — RedWolf Airsoft is renowned for providing excellent customer service, valuable expertise, and high-quality airsoft gear to enthusiasts around the world.

From the Couch to the Playing Field — Let’s Go!  

Airsoft gunsare a military-style sport. They are to be handled responsibly, regardless of being a replica. Add safety to the game with gear and apparel such as flashlights, gearboxes, goggles, holsters, pouches, vests, and more.

As you enter the field, remember that airsoft guns appeal to a large radius of players globally, ranging from novice to expert, enhancing gameplay. Take the time to assess your budget, your interests, and your needs. Then, search for your competition, preparing for an adrenaline rush as you step on the field and revel in the sport with like-minded players.