RWA Airsoft Surgeon ABS Precision Grade 0.20g BBs (4000rds/bag)

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  • High-quality ABS plastic doesn't crumble
  • Competition grade with a 5.95 +/- 0.01mm diameter to work flawlessly
  • Perfectly balanced for greater accuracy
  • Super smooth finishing for friction-free barrel travel and flight.
  • No air bubbles
  • 0.20g weight is perfect for indoor shooting or factory stock powered pistols and rifles below 350fps
Product Specification
Net Weight (kg)0.82
Length (mm)0.0

"Sooooooooo I really really liked the airsoft surgeon BBs. They seemed to be really consistent. Have a good polish so they didn't get stuck in my mags or in my barrel... They worked well. I've even been sifting through my footage of the day I played using them when it was really windy and they performed well then too" - Milsim Medic

Airsoft Surgeon BBs are competition grade with a 5.95 +/- 0.01mm diameter to work flawlessly. From premium Japanese pistols like a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa to your standard AEG rifle, feeling is always smoother and jam-free. Our BBs are made from the finest ABS materials for a smooth high gloss finish, more balanced weight distribution, and shatter resistance to deliver many benefits.

The smooth high gloss finish means less friction with inner barrels for higher BB velocity.

Non-ABS BBs can shatter on impact and if that happens inside your barrel, you might end up kissing your gearbox goodbye. Our ABS BBs hold their shape even on high impact, and stay in one piece to minimize the chances the chances of a break-up that lead to barrel jams.

With wide adoption of wire mesh goggles, a BB that shatters on impact can lead to shrapnel entering through the holes in the mesh and injuring a player's eye. Our ABS BBs hold together on impact on impact to minimize the chances of injury.

Strict quality control ensures that every RWA BB is round and seamless, with no random air pockets which can create turbulence during flight. Our BBs deliver greater accuracy at long distances because we understand that can make all the difference between winning and losing.

The Airsoft Surgeon RWA ABS Precision BBs are the official BBs of the first IPSC Action Air World Shoot 2018.

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Dominic Green

Great quality and doesn’t crush and crumble like others

Really good BB and doesn’t misfeed like many other brands. It also doesn’t crumble into powder in my gas blowback rifles which is good because otherwise it gets pretty messy. Smooth and round. Can’t complain.