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What is an Airsoft Bipod

An airsoft bipod is a weapon attachment that helps support and steady it. The bipod provides increased stability along both axes of motion (vertically and horizontally). They are commonly used on rifles and machine guns to provide a forward rest and reduce motion. But are also seen on other long weapons such as sniper rifles. Airsoft bipods permit operators to easily rest a weapon on objects, like the floor or a wall, reducing fatigue as well as increasing accuracy and stability. Most airsoft bipods are fixed or feature adjustable lengths. Though some can be tilted and also have their tilting point close to the barrel's central axis, allowing the replica to tilt left or right. Some designs also allow the replica to be rotated side-to-side. There are usually three methods for bipods to be folded: away from self, towards self, or into a vertical foregrip. 

With the advancement in technology, airsoft bipods use lightweight materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, use of different quick attachment and detachment mechanisms (Picatinny, M-LOK, etc), and various types of feet materials such as rubber, metal, or a "basket" designed to stop the bipod from sinking into soft surfaces such as sand or snow. The mounting styles for attaching a bipod to a rifle, of which some well known are swivel stud, Picatinny, and Versa-Pod spigot mount. 

Why do players use an airsoft Bipod?

Airsoft bipods permit airsofters to easily rest a replica on objects, like the floor or a wall, reducing fatigue as well as increasing accuracy and stability. 

Airsoft Bipods from an Experienced Players Point of View

The purpose of a bipod in airsoft is for taking really long shots, so in general, it’s not really needed. - Gambit