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PRODUCT DETAILS Duel Code Simulator Bomb V3.0

Duel Code Simulator Bomb V3.0

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Duel Code

Product Code: AC12522
Weight: 5,230 g
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For those who love to build a great event, this Bomb simulator is a great item. It's a fake (off course) electronic programmable device that simulates a real chemical bomb! It includes different game modes for some great Airsoft action. And it looks pretty realistic too, not that we've ever seen a real bomb.

Available game modes

  • Counterstrike: Active the bomb and make sure it detinates when the timer is finished. The oposite team will be able to deactivate the bomb within 30 minutes.
  • Assault: Try to activate or prevent activation of the bomb.
  • Domination: Catch the bomb and defend as long as possible.
  • Explosive: Try to disassemble the bomb asap!
  • Demo mode: Demo mode to show it's beauty.

    Technical information

  • Setup through numeric keyboard with digital display
  • Built in aluminium, polycarbonate and high quality ABS. Impact resistance up to 2 joule.
  • Battery required: 12v or lipo 11,1v (not included)
  • 12v external outlet for transformer (not included)
  • Socket for smoke machine (smoke machine optional)
  • Programming USB port
  • Sirens Volume controller 120db
  • Deactivation switch for bubbles and light system (energy save)
  • Motion sensor for arming or detonation
  • Detonation mechanism for thunder grenade (just some game modalities)
  • Net Weight: 8kg

    The device includes:

  • Bomb simulator
  • USB connector
  • Turn On/Off keys
  • Mini tamiya connector with 20cm of cable
  • Thunder grenade safety pin (Grenade not included)
  • User's guide

    Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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