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PRODUCT DETAILS KTW M70 Pre '64 Super Grade

KTW M70 Pre '64 Super Grade

Product Brand:


Product Code: KTW-4571383520110
Weight: 2,750 g
Length: 1,140 mm
Capacity: 22 rds
Power: 275 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$1057.00



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The Winchester M70 was a riflemans rifle, a civilian shooter; the pre-64 model was produced from 1936 to 1963 and won the respect of many, seeing prolific use ever since. Available in a broad variety of calibers, the rifle was a basic, robust and highly reliable rifle that had fantastic performance despite being common and affordable as it would go on to be. Indeed, the M70 was the basis for the now current military M40 sniper rifle.

KTW re-creates the details down to a T, the furniture it even has a real wood body and metal assembly giving it the same weight and near realistic weight distribution. It even does the original homage by performing admirably; right out of the box, landing very tight groupings with fantastic shot to shot performance consistency. Check out our upcoming review where we show you just how tight this baby can land groupings.

The real wood body is nothing short of exquisite; something you would more easily find on a real gun, the quality, grain and detailing are nothing short of top notch. The weapon has good heft to it but at around 2.7 kg / 6 lbs it is still light enough to be moved easily. The bolt pull is clean and exact with no stutter at all; surprisingly light considering the weapon clocks in at a not too shabby 275fps. While its power can leave a little to be desired, any experienced shooter will know its not the power of the rifle but the consistency of the shots, reliability of the hop-up and ease of hop-up adjust. Although requiring a screw driver, the hop up adjust recessed on the left side of the body is easily accessible when needed requiring no disassembly of the weapon.

The scope rings included use a proprietary twist-on front ring with a rear ring that is drop onto a plate and held in place by the secured scope and side adjustable screws. When in place it locks solid but when you want to remove it just a screw here and a twist here and its done. The smaller then normal 25mm scope rings does not take many scopes but will take some so do be sure to pick a scope with the correct size.

Whether it be for precision fire team support or just some fancy shooting in your back yard, this rifle will hit the nail on the head repeatedly. In combination with its fantastic looks, this is definitely a piece for the discerning Airsofter.