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PRODUCT DETAILS Cybergun Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle (Spring Cocking Version)

Cybergun Kalashnikov Sniper Rifle (Spring Cocking Version)

Product Brand:


Product Code: CY-120704
Weight: 3,228 g
Length: 1,205 mm
Capacity: 250 rds
Power: 415 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$167.00



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The real steel sniper rifle is a semi-automatic sniper rifle/designated marksman rifle chambered in 7.62 x 54mmR and developed in the Soviet Union. It was designed as a squad support weapon, since according to Soviet and Soviet-derived military doctrines it made up for the reduced ranged firepower when they adopted assault rifles and SMGs over the older battle rifles.

Seen in countless movies, TV shows, video games and even on the news the real steel weapon is seen all over the world. As a semi-auto sniper rifle with a powerful cartridge it is generally considered to be one on of the worlds top Military sniper rifles / designated marksmans rifles.

This replica model uses synthetic furniture but remains sturdy all the same and is a spring bolt-action system. The replica features the same charging handle as on the real steel so it is not very comfortable but at least it looks realistic. It cranks out 0.2g BBs at around 415 FPS (+/- 5) or 1.65 joules so it is not shy.

The accuracy is hard to judge without a comprehensive test but as a spring weapon it will deliver near exact consistency in power from one shot to the next. Although not terrifically realistic, the 250 round high capacity magazine means that on this high powered spring weapon it is entirely possible you can go gaming all day and never have to reload.

The weapon comes with the basic built in iron sight but it does have the side slot which can accept aftermarket Soviet style scope mounts. this rifle does not come with a scope mount or any additional optics but the option is there if you want to spend a little more to get a little more.

All things considered though, you have to way in the price. With a price tag that you would expect to see on a mid to high end gas pistol or a low end AEG, a consistent shooting solid quality spring rifle like this is practically a steal. With its high power and large magazine it is skirmishable out of the box. A newbie can buy one to learn the basics of skirmish sniping or a more experienced player can buy one just to add some pretty wall candy to his collection.

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