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PRODUCT DETAILS Tanaka US Model 1897 Sawed-Off Trench Gun

Tanaka US Model 1897 Sawed-Off Trench Gun

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Product Code: TNK-M1897SO
Weight: 1,400 g
Length: 590 mm
Capacity: 4 rds
Power: 200 fps
Power Source: HFC134a
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$398.60

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The US Model 1897 aka the Trench Gun, the modern concept of the shotgun as designed by the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I, the gun which also invoked protests from the German government for causing "excessive damage", is a short-barreled pump action shotgun which can be loaded with 6 shells containing Antimony hardened 00 buckshots. It is one of the few shotguns which enabled a firing solution called "Slam-Fired", achieved by holding the trigger down whilst pumping the rack, the trench gun fires each shell one after the other.

Tanaka releases a sawn-off barreled version of the famous Trench Gun, holding up to 4+1 shells with each shell holding up to 3 BBs each, it is lovingly nicknamed the "Slug Hunter". It sports a very smooth wooden grip and slide.

Total Length: 590mm

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