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PRODUCT DETAILS Maruzen CA870 Charger

Maruzen CA870 Charger

Product Brand:


Product Code: MRUZ-CA870-CHARGER
Weight: 2,100 g
Length: 770 mm
Capacity: 40 rds
Power: 290 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$139.99



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The Remington 870 was created in 1950 and became quickly the most famous shotgun in USA. In 1960, it was adopted by the US military and in 1966 by the US Marine Corps. Remington 870 also is very popular police/security shotgun, with fixed or extendable buttstocks or with pistol grips.

Maruzen continues to purpose a another version of his Ca870. On this version, the shotgun comes with a folding M4 stock. There are just a few metal parts including lower shell storage tube, front sling mount, cocking lever, shell release cover, trigger, safety, and rear sling mount. Sights are absent in order to made a red dot scope more useful. Length : 671mm /770 mm.

Be sure to stock up on BBs and spare magazines.

Maruzen 40 Rds Magazine for CA870 is available in our MAGAZINES - MARUZEN section Tokyo Marui Model Magazine Loading Tool makes reloading easy - find it in our BB & TOOLS - BB LOADING TOOLS section

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