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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P Short Breacher Shotgun - DE

G&P Short Breacher Shotgun - DE

Product Brand:


Product Code: GP-SHG014DE
Weight: 2,562 g
Length: 725 mm
Capacity: 22 rds
Power: 380 fps
Power Source: Spring
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$180.00



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Paint Service
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An extremely popular shotgun, this version of the M870 is probably the best looking shotgun you've seen in a while. The original is used widely by law enforcement agencies around the world. You are looking at a pump action 6mm caliber M870 with the Speed Stock by G&P.

It comes with a G&P I.A. grip is an ergonomic grip with several improvements over the standard milspec grip. The most obvious are the grooves for the fingers with textured patterns at the bottom but less obvious is the increased bulk at the rear of the grip to conform to your hand and the more vertical sweep for the hand between your thumb and index finger. At the back is a crane stock which you'd usually find on an AR system but really suits the M870. On top is a top rail if you want to add any optics to it.

-22 rds magazine
-380fps out of the box
-Metal body with realistic markings
-Crane stock
-Solid built

This shotgun is a magazine fed system and does not use external shells.
The gold shells pictured in the photo are only for display and illustration purposes and do NOT come with the gun.