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US Marshals
  • Director 
     Stuart Baird
  • Actors 
     Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr., Kate Nelligan, Joe Pantoliano
  • Year 
  • Notable Appearance 
     Glock 17, Beretta Cougar, XM177E2, S&W Nickel Plated 9mm, AUG Special
  • Story 
  • Combat Scenes 
  • Weapon Variety 
  • High Factor 


Tommy Lee Jones takes aim with the Glock 17 Chief Deputy Marshal Sam Gerard (TOMMY LEE JONES) leads a team of marshals in pursuit of a fugitive. Jones reprises his Oscar-nominated role as no-bull lawman Sam Gerard in "The Fugitive"; this time, his lamster is a former Secret Service agent accused--perhaps wrongfully--of the cold-blooded murder of two of his unit members. As the chase unfolds, Gerard becomes more and more fascinated by his highly trained and intelligent quarry--and more convinced of his innocence.

The movie has several great shootout scenes including one in a cemetary and one if a parking garage. This is also the movie where Tommy Lee Jones shows explicit support for using a Glock by mocking the "silver sissy thing" used by Robert Downey Jr. (A S&W 9mm in this case) Visit the official site.