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  • Director 
     Mark Lester
  • Actors 
     Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dan Hedaya, Vernon Wells, Alyssa Milano
  • Year 
  • Notable Appearance 
     Steyr AUG, M60 E3, AK47, M16
  • Story 
  • Combat Scenes 
  • Weapon Variety 
  • High Factor 


After his daughter is kidnapped by a South American dictator, a retired Army Colonel who was once the leader of a special commando strike force swings into violent action. This non-stop action-fest was criticized upon its release for it's excessive violence.

One of the best ever scenes is when Arnold opens a hidden gun stash in a "sporting goods store". The place looked like Manuel Norega's private collection. Arnold goes to town, picking out remote claymore mines, rocket launchers, AK-47's, uzi, combat shotgun, combat .45, and more. When he lands on the enemy beach there is a 30 second scene where he "gears up" packing his tactical vest and web gear to the MAX! There are also some great shooting scenes: For example when Arnold takes an M16-VN and with one hand strafes glass windows until he empties the clip.

Thanks to Dave Catania for submitting this entry.