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  • Director 
     Clark Johnson
  • Actors 
     Colin Farrell, Samuel L.Jackson, James Todd Smith, Michelle Rodriguez
  • Year 
  • Notable Appearance 
     Colt.45, Glock 21, Remington Tactical 870 12 gauge shotgun, Benelli 12 Gauge M1 tactical Shotgun, Tactical CAR-15, Ruger Mini-14 AC 556 Rifle, Remington 700P Sniper Rifle, Robar SR-60 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, H&K PSG1, H&K MP5, M203 Grenade Launcher, M72 Missle Launcher
  • Story 
  • Combat Scenes 
  • Weapon Variety 
  • High Factor 


S.W.A.T. - acronym for Special Weapons And Tactics, was invented within the Los Angeles Police Department over two decades ago. The spirit and idea of S.W.A.T. has been replicated world-wide by law enforcement agencies looking to deploy a tough team of officers trained to deal with situations that demand more than the capabilities of regular police units. Directed by Clark Johnson, this movie of the same name is also a remake of a 1970' s TV series. The movie is fast faced and action packed, if not a bit technical - there is a lot of dialogue about guns and tactics in the beginning of the movie that might send non-gun types spinning with confusion. That said, the movie is excellent for Airsoft lovers! Admittedly, the plot is not particularly brilliant, and at times very predictable. There are also lots of movie clich├ęs which will keep your eyeballs rolling, like the obnoxious police chief who constantly threatens to throw people off the force, headstrong good cops, nasty cops turned bad guys, and a full dose of blood-thirsty bad guys. Inexplicably, the movie still manages to keep you interested! And why not? There are loads of action packed scenes with lots of shootouts and explosions to keep you on the edge of your seat!

The story centers on the adventures of the Los Angeles Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, a cadre so elite, we're told, that it trains FBI agents. A rescue gone awry early on lands sharpshooter Jim Street (Colin Farrell) in that supply cage until ultra-cool Lt. Dan "Hondo" Harrelson (Samuel L. Jackson) is called on to rebuild the unit, and Street is called back onto the training course. Street and his colleagues, among them Michelle Rodriguez, LL Cool J and Josh Charles, bicker and grunt their way to extreme studliness just in time for the arrival of the world's slimiest, creepiest mob boss - a Frenchman named Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez). The Frenchman cheekily offers ten million dollars to anyone who can bust him out of jail - and hence unfolds a series of serious rescue attempts that keep our heroes busy!

AK47 with drum magazine
Police envoy is ambushed by LA gangs!
Helicopter blown out of sky by Barrett .50 sniper!

There are many memorable scenes in the movie that make you want to grab your nearest Airsoft rifle and pose for the camera. For example, the first scene portrays a bank hold-up which ends in a shootout that in some sense is similar to the scene in Heat (though the cinematography does not come close to that of Heat's). There is a lot of head snapping and cops getting shot by AK toting bad guys, and SWAT team members sporting MP5 SDs. Jim Street's (Farrell) partner Brian Gamble (Jeremy Renner) - gosh you have to love these corny names - gets a little trigger-happy and mis-shoots a hostage while taking down one of the robbers. This ultimately leads to his getting ousted from the force, which invariably leads to a showdown between him and Street after Gamble turns to the 'dark side'. Another great scene is when the SWAT team is supposedly escorting the Frenchman to prison facilities, when they are ambushed by an LA gang enroute. Sporting enough hardware to run a small army, the gang seems to take on the cops with ease in this scene, which is highly reminiscent of a similar scene in Patriot Games (starring Harrison Ford - another excellent gun action movie by the way). In this scene, you get a full serving of small arms action like the M11, Uzi, and various other weapons deemed popular by criminals!

Chris Sanchez brandishes her MP5 A4 with Surefire Flashlight
M4 rifle with large flashlight
Farrell training with Colt .45

My personal favorite is the scene when all the SWAT trainees are lined up on their stomaches nailing playing cards from what appears to be 500 yards away with their Remington M700P rifles with 3-9x40mm scopes. Another favorite is the pistol shootout between Street and other members of the team using their standard issue Colt .45's.

For you techies, you will love the scene where Jim Street hands back Hondo's (Samuel Jackson) fully decked out M4 to him. The gun sports all manners of customized equipment. A close look at Street's own weapon reveals an M4 with an LE stock, ACOG style scope, and massive Surefire flashlight. All in all, SWAT is a fun movie to watch for Airsoft buffs with lots of excitement. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Just take a hint from the movie tag line : "Even cops dial 911".

Visit the official SWAT website from Sony pictures for attractive wallpaper and screensavers! One of the best movie sites out there - with great music and excellent interactive features. Best of all is you get Samual Jackson's voice over throughout your entire visit along with the SWAT theme song!

Gang member is neutralized by police fire
Serious firepower from the hood!
All in a days work - calling it a day!