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The Negotiator
  • Director 
     Gary Gray
  • Actors 
     Samuel Jackson, Kevin Spacey
  • Year 
  • Notable Appearance 
     Sig P226, Glock 17, MP5 SD5/6, MP5 A5/A6
  • Story 
  • Combat Scenes 
  • Weapon Variety 
  • High Factor 


Samuel L. Jackson plays a brilliant hostage negotiator, but when he realizes he is being framed, he takes hostages into his own hands (at gun point with his P226). Knowing the rules of the game, Jackson asks for the only other negotiator he trusts, played by Kevin Spacey (a Glock user), to mediate the situation. SWAT action (in the form of Chicago HBT) is abundant and there is lots of combat excitement. Lots of MP5 action and use of an MP5 SD to take out a key character. Lovers of the P226 will love this movie!