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PRODUCT DETAILS Madbull Powder Shot 02 Grenade (Green)

Madbull Powder Shot 02 Grenade (Green)

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Product Code: MB-PS02-GR
Length: 0 mm
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The new Madbull Powder shot noise grenade (PS02) uses low pressure gas to release a moderately loud bang. Used as a sound distraction device the PS02 is very effective, it is made out of a softer foam shell encasing the lightweight and rugged gas chamber inside. Due to the foam materials the PS02 is light enough to be thrown directly at someone without injuring them? too much.

The spoon system on the PS02 is great; the delay timer is fully adjustable and can be done so with a simple twist whilst holding the rear valve. For more information, review the provided instructions booklet. A note of advice: Only a very slight twist is needed, clockwise for a longer delay, and counter-clockwise for a shorter delay!

RedWolf Airsoft does not recommend you to throw the PS02 directly at people, any injuries received from such an action is based solely on the "lobber's" responsibility.

Also available in Black and Blue.

See the Madbull PS02 pop in the following Video:

For detailed instructions on how to set the timer, and basic maintenance please watch this:

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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