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PRODUCT DETAILS Marushin Kimber Gold Match (Shell Ejecting / 6mm) Package

Marushin Kimber Gold Match (Shell Ejecting / 6mm) Package

Product Brand:
Weight: 1,000 g
Unit Price: USD$259.99



PRE-ORDER this package now (which includes 1x Kimber Gold Match (Shell Ejecting / 6mm) blowback gun, 1x extra 12 round Marushin magazine and 1x pack of 5 shells) and get 5% off!

Kimber is a company known for producing its highly accurate M1911 styled pistols, as well as offering the operator a variety of customization options. They mainly use CAD and CAM technologies when manufacturing their pistols to provide tight dimensions and low tolerances making the pistols accurate, and reliable. The Kimber Gold Match pistols are the result of nearly 100 years of 1911 pistol evolution and are the finest production pistols offered by Kimber. What was originally a military sidearm, it can now be seen used by law enforcement officers, tactical experts and competition shooters who all recommend the Kimber 1911s.

The Marushin Kimber Gold Match resembles the real steel Kimber to almost exact specifications. Complete with a low profile ambidextrous safety lever, beveled magazine well, and low profile iron sights. Whilst the real steel fires .45 ACP rounds at 7+1 per mag, the Marushin Kimber Gold Match fires 6mm BBs at 12+1rds per mag. Weighing in at 900g unloaded and measuring in at 222mm in length the Marushin Kimber Gold Match is a pistol that both collectors and skirmishers alike will love and treasure!

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