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PRODUCT DETAILS Ops-Core ACH-ARC Accessory Rail Connector

Ops-Core ACH-ARC Accessory Rail Connector

Product Brand: Ops-Core
Product Code: OC-AAK-BK
Weight: 150 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$84.00

Out of Stock


The Ops-Core ACH-ARC is a Accessories Rail Connector which fits ACH helmets of medium sizes and above. Quickly attach or release a variety of accessories including: Flashlights, Camera, Visor, COMs, Strobe, Mandible, Battery Pack, O2 Mask etc?

The ACH-ARC is snag free, and thus suitable for HALO, HAHO, and Static Line Descents. It uses existing chinstrap mounting holes, a custom CP helmet cover is also available (sold separately).

Made in USA.