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PRODUCT DETAILS Dexter Meadows' Clip-On Knee-Pads (OD)(Clearance)

Dexter Meadows' Clip-On Knee-Pads (OD)(Clearance)

Product Brand: Dexter Meadows
Product Code: CKP0102
Weight: 200 g
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Quite possibly THE most comfortable knee pads in the world that will not cut off circulation from the back of your knees! Easy to wear and comfortable to use. As tested by SWAT and Soldier of Fortune magazines. Conventional kneepads use elastic straps that go around the back of the leg to hold them on. Those straps can twist and bind, change, cut off circulation and often slide down.

Adjusting the straps allows a comfortable fit on both sides of pants. Kneepads should stay/hang in position without binding or cutting off circulation like other strap on pads. Patented super strong clips with locks ensure a very strong attachment!
Special Operations Clip-On Knee-Pads Feature Heavy Duty Materials

1/2" Thick Neoprene Rubber Padding
1" Extra Heavy Duty Clips with Coated Teeth
Clip-Lock' Safety Retainers
Flexible Rubber Cap Stitched down to Prevent Debris Entry
1" Hook & Loop Retention Straps
Waterproof Nylon Material

Please click here to view the instruction which shows you how to wear it step by step.

Voted Top Innovation For 2006 by Borelli Consulting

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