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PRODUCT DETAILS Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(OD/Midnight Gold/24 inch)

Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(OD/Midnight Gold/24 inch)

Product Brand: Tanaka
Product Code: TNK-M700OD-24MG
Weight: 4,500 g
Length: 1,105 mm
Capacity: 27 rds
Power: 395 fps
Power Source: hfc134a
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: single
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Unit Price: USD$699.45

Out of Stock


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One of the most tactical sniper rifles now comes with a new colour scheme. We've had the OD version before, but this one comes with not just an OD body, it also has a Midnight Gold/Black barrel and bolt, which adds a very nice touch to this lovely looking sniper rifle. Tanaka have been using this Midnight Gold/Black finish on a lot of their recent releases, and we can clearly see why they have been doing so, as the finish is absolutely stunning.

Like the other A.I.C.S. sniper rifles from Tanaka, it has a full metal outer barrel and soft rubber stock make itself the ultimate rifle for comfortable and accurate shooting. Extremely heavy, weighs more than 4.5kg! Zero resistance bolt action. Gas operated and takes HFC134 gas for 395fps of stock power! Cocking indicator on the rear of the bolt tells you whether the rifle is cocked. Solid cocking motion with full metal mechanism. Removable metal full size magazine is realistically finished and holds 27 rounds. Built-in quick release ball-joint type bipod receptor in the front allows quick attach / detach of a bipod for steadier aiming. Front and rear sling mount. A simply beautiful gun and beats Maruzen's APS Type 96 (already a really good rifle) in heft, realism, and realistic finishing.