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PRODUCT DETAILS PANTAC M4 Tactical Chest Vest CORDURA (Khaki)(Clearance)

PANTAC M4 Tactical Chest Vest CORDURA (Khaki)(Clearance)

Product Brand: PANTAC
Product Code: VT-C800-TN-A
Weight: 500 g
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Unit Price: USD$77.00
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High quality chest vest have:
4 x M16 /M4 pouches in the front, eash pouch can hold 2 x M16 / M4 magazines,
4 x pistol 9mm magazine pouches( except Glock 17 magazine),
2 x Walkie Talkie Pouches.
Map pouch
Constructed by INVISTA's CORDURA , all the clips use ITW/UTX.
* Magazines an Radios in the photos are not included.

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