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PRODUCT DETAILS Wiley X Goggle - JP-1 (Interchangeable Smoke Green/Clear)

Wiley X Goggle - JP-1 (Interchangeable Smoke Green/Clear)

Product Brand: Wiley X
Product Code: WLX-CB-500
Weight: 30 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$72.00

Out of Stock


JP-1 goggles are designed to be used in high dust environments by sealing out all intruding elements to keep your vision crystal clear. Dock and lock the gasket to the frame with this unique patented system featuring Seal-tek technology. Durable Ultra-Foam technology coats each gasket and provides a comfortable seal with just the right amount of ventilation. Smoke green lenses suited for all sports without distorting colors. Ideal in bright sun where glare is a major factor. Interchangeable lenses (sold separately) allows you to tailor your vision for different lighting environments. MSRP = $80