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PRODUCT DETAILS Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Single Mortar Round

Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Single Mortar Round

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Product Code: HA001
Weight: 320 g
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Need another mortar round for your Hokkotsu Hades Arrow? Here is the full mortar round set to drive fear into the hearts of your enemies! This set includes:
  • Full assembled Mortar Body with inlet tip and nozzle end
  • Rubber protective safety tip cap
  • 2 nozzle rear cover rubber nozzle seals included!
  • 4 flight stabilizer wing set with springs

    Important note:
    You will need the Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Mortar launch tube to be able to fire this round (HA-A1)

    RedWolf highly recommends to use a helmet in games where Hokkatsu Hades Arrow Mortar has been deployed.

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