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PRODUCT DETAILS Tomenosuke-Syoten Blaster 2049 Assembled Model

Tomenosuke-Syoten Blaster 2049 Assembled Model

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The sidearm carried by Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) in the film Blade Runner is a specially constructed handgun prop that has been referred to unoffically by several names including "The PKD" (Steyr Pflager Katsumata Series-D Blaster, a name coined by Rick Ross to have the same abbreviation as Philip K. Dick), "2019 Detective Special", "M2019 Blaster", or "LAPD 2019 Blaster". This is the same identical prop gun as used in the movie, and is manufactured by the same exact company in Japan.

The prop from the movie, yes, prop, was designed / inspired from parts of a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL and a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver. Side covers were added to cover the Bulldog's cylinder, and different bolt heads and screw heads were used to offer an illusion of knobs and controls. The gun is also equipped with at least 6 LED lights, though not all of them worked throughout the production.

The Japanese company designed this prop model Tomenosuke-Syoten Blaster 2049 Assembled Model, replicating everything you would see in the movie. The main trigger revolves the chamber but the front trigger is non functional. There is also a switch underneath the revolver allowing you to turn on the red LED lights. You can pull the charging handle on a little bit, but this is probably the coolest replica you'll ever get your hands on. This is a limited edition item.

Note that this is a non-firing model prop gun.