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PRODUCT DETAILS Marushin P38 Military Giga Maxi Weight (Model Gun)

Marushin P38 Military Giga Maxi Weight (Model Gun)

Product Brand: Marushin
Product Code: MURS-4920136014060
Weight: 900 g
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Unit Price: USD$439.00

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The Walther P38 is a 9 mm pistol that was developed by Walther as the service pistol of the Wehrmacht at the beginning of World War II. It was intended to replace the costly Luger P08, the production of which was scheduled to end in 1942.

Although not quite as iconic as the Luger, the P38 is still a classic German choice of the era. the P38 has gone on to spawn further revisions of the design with the latest models still in service use today.

This piece is just a non-firing prop, a replica model that does not actually shoot anything. it replicates the mechanical function of a P38 to very close detail and even has dummy shells which can be loaded, magazine fed and ejected by racking the slide.

The springs used are all much heavier then normal Airsoft standards, far more appropriate to the real steel. The lack of an actual firing pin or any such mechanism means that firing any ammunition from this model is simply impossible.

There are two variant models of this design, military and commercial versions with slighting different materials and finish to reflect the differences in the military issued model from the commercially available one.

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