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Meet Our Ambassadors (2016-07-15)


Rob Murray, also known as Robo Murray, is a born and raised Canadian. After attending his post-secondary school for Graphic design and sciences, he is currently working for a very large cyber security services company.

Robo started playing airsoft in 2010. As he was searching for a new hobby after his college, he was considering to get back into paintball (which he used to play at a much younger age). One day he came across a realistic looking G36 hanging in a surplus store, so he researched and found out that toy is called "airsoft". Since then, Robo has been addicted to this hobby.

Always been a fan of First Person Shooting games and enjoy being active, airsoft instantly become a passion of Robo. Airsoft to him is fitness, strategy , teamwork, friendship, challenge, and aggression all rolled into one activity. To him, it provides something to let go of week's stresses as well as providing a unique platform to improve himself. Robo one of the most passionate airsofter you will ever find on the field. The amont of time he put into adopting real-world techniques and his ability to transfer knowledge about airsoft to others has made him standout among other airsofters within the airsoft community.

"RedWolf honestly changed my life, as they were one of the two companies to first believe in what I try to bring to airsoft. RedWolf has allowed me to continue being me, and providing me support to bring the airsoft community more of the content I bring to the table. Without RedWolf and RedWolf products, I wouldn't be anywhere close to where I am these days.

In the end - I just appreciate the opportunities that I've been given; opportunities I've only had access to because of a very loyal, supportive, and inspiring follower/friend-base. I live daily knowing I am extremely lucky to be where I am, and who I am, right now. And while a temporary place in my life - while I'm here, I promise to do my best to continue to do my part to make airsoft the great activity it deserves to be."


Tim, the previous presenter for RedWolf TV, also known as Pornstache to his followers and friends, was born and raised in Hong Kong. He then traveled to Sydney, Australia where he studied Performing Arts in Screen and Stage but then made his way back to Hong Kong where he was offered a Presenting role at RedWolf Airsoft.

Tim always had a fascination for Airsoft from a very young age. He bought his very first springer Airsoft pistol at the age of 13 back in the year 2002 but only officially took part in his first Airsoft game on his 16th birthday. As a Gamer himself, he was always a fan of First-Person-Shooters which only made the transition into Airsoft easier. Unfortunately, his time in Australia prevented him from playing for 3 years.

Ever since taking the role of Presenter for RedWolf TV, Tim has always been very supportive of the Airsoft community but never really knew how large it was until he attended his first American Milsim Op.

"When I was first given the role as Presenter, all I thought I had to do was sit in front of the camera and talk about the product sitting in front of me. I didn't expect much from it at all but it was something I had to get used to very quickly since looking into the lens is not the norm for an actor.

Not realizing how big the Airsoft community was, what surprised me the most was the response I received from the audience, especially when I visited the US the first couple times. I didn't realize how big an impact I was making. I had no idea how much influence my opinion made on others but apparently, it was a lot. It was truly a humbling experience, one I will never forget.

Thank you all for your support over the past 4 years. I will do the best I can with the new role as Brand Ambassador."



Lanny and Tracy Barnes grew up in the mountain town of Durango, Colorado and they have been running and gunning since 1999. They spend most of their time outdoors, so it is no surprise that they are 3 Gun Nation Pro Circuit competitive shooters.

Lanny and Tracy are also former Olympic biathletes and were members of the US Olympic team in 2006, 2010, and 2014. Furthermore, both were the first women in the US to ever medal at the World Jr. Biathlon Championship!

Lanny and Tracy have goals of not only becoming the top women in 3 Gun in the US, but also want to be competitive amongst the men as well.

Tracy - "I have been training with airsoft for years. When I am on the road, I don't always have access to a range that can help me get the trigger time I need to get ready for a shooting competition. I can set up my airsoft range anywhere. It's quiet, safe and RedWolf Airsoft always helps me get ready and in the game."

Lanny - "The reality is we can't all live at the range, so when we aren't at the range we can use airsoft to get the trigger time and muscle memory we need to improve our shooting. Airsoft helps me to practice movement and other difficult shots with both pistol and rifle before I try them out with live ammunition and my competition firearms."