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PRODUCT DETAILS Shooter CO2 Magazine for ARES DSR-1

Shooter CO2 Magazine for ARES DSR-1

Product Brand: Shooter (By ARES)
Product Code: SAA-CO2-M-DSR
Weight: 630 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$120.00

Out of Stock


Dramatically increase the fps on your ARES DRS-1 with the CO2 magazine from Shooter.

Make sure you install the included Buffers, O-Rings, and Spring in your ARES DSR-1 before using the CO2 magazine.

Regional Restricted Product
This is the full responsibility for the purchaser, or customer himself or herself whoever resell, or otherwise dispose of any item obtained through there order to any country not approved for export or import as brought to our attention by means of a bill of lading, commercial invoice, or any other means, or to any person if the purchaser, or customer know that it will result directly or indirectly, in disposition of the items contrary to the representation made in this statement or contrary to any countries export or import administration regulations.