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PRODUCT DETAILS ProWin 50rds Magazine (For Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback Only)

ProWin 50rds Magazine (For Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback Only)

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Product Code: PRO-INO-MAG
Weight: 438 g
Unit Price: USD$69.50



Completely CNC machined out of a single Aluminum billet, the body of this Pro-Win magazine is for the hardcore skirmisher's GBBR. With a single-piece rock solid housing, and incredibly robust metal components, it could well be the toughest Airsoft magazine ever made. But the most important feature is the roller ball feature which allows for VERY smooth and reliable blowback in a WA system.

This exact model is a ProWin version 2 magazine in every respect except that the magazine lip has been replaced with a special version so it can be used in the Inokatsu gas blowback carbine.

The version 2 magazine has a roller wheel on the valve lock lever to ensure even smoother and more reliable cycling of the bolt and like WA and Bomber mags the fill valve is on the back rather than the bottom, to minimize fouling during skirmishing and maintain a realistic look when the mag is in the gun. Like the real steel it is gun metal grey rather than jet black and has a decent weight to it which forces you to handle it more realistically.

This magazine is for use with Inokatsu GBB M4s ONLY and will NOT work in any other gas blowback M4. For maximum performance, ensure that you install the stiffer hammer spring by Prowin in your Inokatsu M4 to open the valve fully on this M4 magazine for maximum pressure delivery..

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.

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