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PRODUCT DETAILS TSC Mag Well for Marui 17/18 (Type B / Silver)

TSC Mag Well for Marui 17/18 (Type B / Silver)

Product Brand: TSC
Product Code: TS-60B-SV
Weight: 30 g
Unit Price: USD$30.00

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Expanded magwell for Tokyo Marui 17 / 18 series gas blowback pistols with a fancier alternate design (Type B) than the basic model (TS-60-SV).

Flashier design, forgoes the simplicity of some plainer designs but still sturdy enough to take knocks and abrasion like the best of them. The expanded magwell serves to guide magazines to facilitate the quick loading of magazines.

These days though, they have also become a staple feature for race-style guns as much as superfluous but technically functional spoilers on urban sports cars. They do work and even make a difference but the fact that they look cool does not hurt.