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PRODUCT DETAILS King Arms Gas Blowback M4 Magazine (50 rds)

King Arms Gas Blowback M4 Magazine (50 rds)

Product Brand: King Arms
Product Code: KA-MAG-46-BK
Weight: 480 g
Unit Price: USD$35.90

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For use with the King Arms Gas Blowback M4 carbine, this 50 BB capacity gas magazine can take HFC134a or Top / Green Gas (the latter recommended for improved performance). With a capacity of 50 rounds, it has a large enough gas reservoir to empty the magazine although trying to rip through all of them in a single session of sustained fire will more then likely result in gas cool down issues (lower power, slower cycle, failure to cycle completely, etc).

Just like the King Arms M4 that this is built for, this magazine is decent quality and very reasonable in performance considering the relatively low cost for gas M4s. There are some superb gas M4s on our website but if you are looking to keep things within a tighter budget then the King Arms is a fair contender, especially considering a large contributor is the cost of spare magazines.