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PRODUCT DETAILS King Arms M16 120rd. Metal Box Set Magazine (10pcs)

King Arms M16 120rd. Metal Box Set Magazine (10pcs)

Product Brand: King Arms
Product Code: KA-MAG-23-X-BK
Weight: 200 g
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Unit Price: USD$102.00

Out of Stock


So called ''midcaps'' or mid capacity magazines are the latest generation in non-winding magazine technology that is rapidly taking over as the most popular choice for many gamers. Like low capcity magazines they require no winding so they can feed even the fastest shooting guns and need only mag changes to continue shooting.

Midcap mags are very simple in design which can make them robust but also very cheap; with no feeding wheels or winding gears they have no small fragile parts to make it sensitive to drops and knocks or any complications that can drive up price.

This box set contains standard military style M16 type magazines for use in standard type AEGs (King Arms, Tokyo Marui, G&P, etc.); each magazine can hold up to 120 BBs with 10 such magazines in the box giving you a total carry capacity of 1200 BBs. Their low cost means that a set like this is only a little over twice the price of a single high cap or a fancier midcap.

Such low cost means that you can afford many more magazines for the same price or not worry so much about smashing and dropping them as each individual magazine works out to around 10 bucks making the odd lost one every year or so a perfectly tolerable loss. Furthermore, these magazine are metal and although sheet metal might not be as durable as high quality polymers it still offers a nice feel and is tougher then cheap polymers.