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PRODUCT DETAILS Magpul PTS 49 rds Magazine for (KSC) FPG

Magpul PTS 49 rds Magazine for (KSC) FPG

Product Brand: KSC
Product Code: KSC-FPGMAG-JP
Weight: 494 g
Out of Stock
Unit Price: USD$64.40

Out of Stock


Released in conjunction with the KSC x Magpul FPG gas blow back carbine, this 49 round long style magazine is intended for use with the fully automatic capable 18c version of the pistol for use as a machine pistol / sub machine gun setup. Of course it is compatible with regular model 18s and 17s for those that simply which to use expanded capacity magazines.

This long type magazine holds 49 BBs putting it at a little over twice the capacity of the regular sized 23 round magazine and has a reservoir more then large enough to accommodate enough TOP gas to empty the magazine even with a high cyclical rate of fire.