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PRODUCT DETAILS VFC MK13 EGLM DX Version (Flat Dark Earth)

VFC MK13 EGLM DX Version (Flat Dark Earth)

Product Brand: VFC
Product Code: GBT-GL-MK13-01
Weight: 2,878 g
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Unit Price: USD$205.00

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Just like the real steel EGLM, the VFC version features the same rotating locking breech system and 6x dextrorotations simulation rifling just for looks! The EGLM launcher system from VFC can be very easily fitted to both the Standalone MK16 and the SCAR series, complete with both 7.62 and 5.56 style trigger pack modules.

True to the real steel designs, VFC has created a true masterpiece, from the shape of the EGLM all the way down to the unique serial numbers. The breech is opened by depressing a spring loaded button which ejects the shell (not included) from the EGLM, and like the real steel EGLM launcher, the barrel can swivel both left and right up to 15 degrees for ease of loading.

The Stand-alone EGLM comfortable fits all body sizes with its easily adjustable buttstock. Complete with 4 CNC machined rails, you can install literally anything and everything on it, so if you want a great looking EGLM launcher that operates as good as it looks, you need not look further!

The VFC EGLM can be fitted on the WE, and G&G SCAR-L's. Due to slight variances however, you must use the SCAR-H trigger attachment instead of the SCAR-L attachment for the VFC EGLM. The swing lever mounts should fit on smoothly once positioned correctly, allowing you access to the magazine, and the EGLM's trigger without any obstruction.

Mounted on the Standalone system, the EGLM measures in at:
Length (Retracted): 525mm
Length (Fully Extended): 690mm

Shells are Not Included.

Also Available in Black