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PRODUCT DETAILS G&P LMT QD M203 Grenade Launcher (Long)

G&P LMT QD M203 Grenade Launcher (Long)

Product Brand: G&P
Product Code: GP933L
Weight: 1,180 g
Unit Price: USD$85.00

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This long QD M203 Grenade Launcher features LMT markings and is constructed with metal parts with an FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) handguard. The LMT M203 launcher from G&P feels nice and solid, just like the real steel!

Capable of quick attach/detach on any G&P M4 type handguard kits as well as the Military Type Standalone Grenade Launcher Pistols. The long version of the LMT Grenade Launcher is ideally suited for outdoor skirmishes.

Total Length: 390mm

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