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PRODUCT DETAILS ARES SCAR Grenade Launcher (Black)

ARES SCAR Grenade Launcher (Black)

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Product Code: GL-05
Weight: 1,464 g
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Now available separately from the Ares Scar the EGLM 40mm launcher takes standard airsoft 40mm Moscart Shells of any length. Requiring the use of a rear assembly to fire, it comes with both the Scar L and Scar H magwell ring assemblies. It features a highly ergonomic forend design and trigger ring and safety. The barrel tilts for easy loading and has a rotating lug locking system. The rail attachment points are of the quick detach type and does mount onto standard Airsoft RAS rails but may have trouble with shallower rails (i.e.: will fit Ares Scar L and H, not guaranteed to fit other Rails). This model comes in standard Ares black color.

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