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PRODUCT DETAILS AABB Military Type Standalone Grenade Launcher (Short) 

AABB Military Type Standalone Grenade Launcher (Short) 

Product Brand: AABB
Product Code: AB255-S0004S
Weight: 2,556 g
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Unit Price: USD$198.00

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AABB are known for their kits, lights and launchers but now they've released 4 of their own fully fledged launchers to compete with what is out there on the market, but do they live up to the expectations of others?

There are 2 types of launchers with 2 lengths each. One with a 9 1/2 inch barrel and one with a 12 inch barrel. This is the AABB Military Type Standalone Grenade Launcher (Short) which comes with the 6 point crane stock. This is the only difference between the Military version and the Standalone version.

Each launchers has rails where you can add your accessories and sights but they already come with some sights of their own, one of which you may need to replace. The reflex sight doesn't work but it's still makes the launcher look more 'tacticool'. It'll fit any 40mm Madbull grenades inside of which you'll have to buy separately.