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PRODUCT DETAILS Umarex G36C (GBB) (Asia Edition)

Umarex G36C (GBB) (Asia Edition)

Product Brand:


Product Code: UMA-GBR-G36C
Weight: 2,614 g
Length: 720 mm
Capacity: 30 rds
Power: 370 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
Unit Price: USD$255.00



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Full size and same layout as the real thing, this replica G36C recreates the full functions of a real steel H&K G36C shy of actually shooting live rounds. With full licensing from H&K, Umarex proudly adorns this weapon with all the proper markings.

Under the hood, the Umarex G36 is actually a VFC; the gas blowback technology is more then just reliable and crisp, the cycle is tighter than a drum with each shot gliding down the same line as the one before (at least at short range anyway).

The body is entirely polymer just like the real thing but they spared no expense ensuring that it was not an excuse to make things rock solid anyway. At 2.6 kg it is only 200 grams lighter than the real thing. The stock is side folding just like the real thing allowing the 720mm weapon to shorten to an even tinier 500mm in case you happen to be really short on space.

It clocks in at about 350-370 FPS making it a great choice for indoor games, short range as well as medium range. The ambidextrous charging handle and fire selector emulate the real thing and unlike the WE version the VFC system makes the bolt button a bolt catch and not a bolt release making its function identical to the real thing. The fire selector has a good, hard mechanical biting point on each position rather than the weak ball bearing click on other models.

The magazine takes Top / Green / Propane gas out of the box for full power; HFC134a / Duster gas could also work but will likely have problems cycling the system and will reduce the power further. With a 30 BB capacity, this system continues the trend for realism opting for a real capacity emulation instead of sneaking up to 50 or more pellets. Sure, they could have used a higher capacity but thats not the point; clearly, this weapon is a replica.

We at Redwolf Airsoft are proud to add this fantastic weapon to our line up; we might even say that this fine replica would be an ideal choice to simulate a real G36C for training or theatrical purposes (as Airsoft can and is also used for training purposes as safer and cheaper than handling the real weapon). As if that did not get your attention, the high cyclical rate and reliable performance make it quite the shooter too.