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PRODUCT DETAILS Socom Gear MEU 1911 Limited Edition

Socom Gear MEU 1911 Limited Edition

Product Brand:

Socom Gear

Product Code: SOG-MEU1911-LE
Weight: 1,160 g
Length: 360 mm
Capacity: 15 rds
Power: 330 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$149.99



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The limited edition MEU 1911 by SOCOM Gear comes encased in its very own pistol case. Within, you will find a sleek MEU 1911, with a GEMTECH OUTBACK Silencer, and an HSS Gear lanyard.

This single stack Limited Edition MEU 1911 features very beautiful US Marine engravings on the slide and frame, the grip has been fitted with a WE-Tech PRO-GRIPS for enhanced stability when firing under adverse conditions. The slide features both a forward as well as a rear serrated cocking surface. The gun is very solid and heavy, and has the weight and heft of the real thing. Shoots with strong recoil and good power - perfect as a skirmish side-arm. Will fit real 1911 holsters.

Even Taran Butler the current IPSC and USPSA world champion, has been seen using the SOCOM Gear MEU.

Please note that all aftermarket products may require professional installation. For increased compatibility, please use consistent aftermarket branded parts to upgrade your GBB, or consult your local gunsmith.

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