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PRODUCT DETAILS Marushin Constrictor Maxi Black Heavy Weight X Cartridge Series (8mm, Black / Heavyweight)

Marushin Constrictor Maxi Black Heavy Weight X Cartridge Series (8mm, Black / Heavyweight)

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Product Code: MRUS-4920136041448
Weight: 1,430 g
Length: 320 mm
Capacity: 6 rds
Power: 255 fps
Power Source: HFC134a
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$225.00

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A massive revolver for serious pistol lovers, the COLT CONSTRICTOR (as inscribed on the squared barrel) sports removable reloadable metal shells that house 8mm BBs. As with most other Marushin revolvers, finishing is top notch and very realistic. Metal parts include hammer, trigger, cylinder axle, safety, cylinder release, rear sights, and 6 removable shells.

Making use of the X Cartridge system, the gas is loaded into the pistol itself but the 8mm BBs are loaded into 6 individual shells with one BB per shell. The pistol has a nice heft to it and each shell is a nifty 28g each; a combination that makes loading and emptying the weapon a real treat. A nice matte black coat gives it a smooth finish giving the gun a fairly realistic look.

Although you can run it on Green / Top gas, we seriously recommend you do not do so. Marushin weapons are designed for HFC so while Green gas will overclock it to superior performance levels that will risk the integrity of the system. Overclocked speed will also mean your hop-up will produce erratic shooting but with the right gas and BBs that same hop-up will ensure nice regular shooting.

Be sure to stock up on 8mm BBs and HFC134a gas propellant as well.

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