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PRODUCT DETAILS KWC Python 357 (ABS Version, 6inch, Black)

KWC Python 357 (ABS Version, 6inch, Black)

Product Brand:


Product Code: KG62HN
Weight: 550 g
Length: 285 mm
Capacity: 24 rds
Power: 220 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: NO
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
Unit Price: USD$59.00



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Affordable entry-level model gas pistol with removable metal shells. Single and double trigger action with swing-out cylinder. Abundant metal parts. Falls short of more expensive gas pistols from Marushin / Tokyo Marui in terms of finishing and weight, but still manages to deliver good clean fun at a fraction of the price!

Be sure to stock up on BBs and gas propellant as well. A large selection of holsters and magazine pouches are available in our COMBAT GEAR section. Protect your investment with a secure padded gun carrying case as well.

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