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PRODUCT DETAILS KJ Works KP-06 Hi-Capa (Metal / Black / Gas + CO2)

KJ Works KP-06 Hi-Capa (Metal / Black / Gas + CO2)

Product Brand:

KJ Works

Product Code: KJ-KP06
Weight: 1,194 g
Length: 250 mm
Capacity: 28 rds
Power: 300 fps
Power Source: CO2
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
In stock
Unit Price: USD$114.00

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KJ Works' version of the Hi-Capa comes with a KJ red nozzle installed denoting that it is CO2 ready right out of the box. The slide and frame are full metal and powder coated in a nice jet-black color.

This variant of the KP-06 is the same weapon but comes bundled with both CO2 and Gas magazines (one fo each); you need only swap magazines, no other parts or adjustments are necessary for switching besides hop-up/optics adjustments that need to be made due to the change in fps.

The CO2 magazine supplies at about 350 fps and the standard Green / Top gas clocking in at 280 fps, the lower power is preferable for some indoor gamers looking to engage at extremely short ranges or are otherwise looking to avoid clothing damage as much as possible. The higher power is better for outdoor battles or if you just want to enjoy the harder kick and louder sound and as the CO2 is pricier to run then the standard Top gas you can pick and choose your poison as needed .

Running normal Top gas has the added bonus of the reduced wear and tear on your gun as well as of course the cheaper running cost of a TOP/Propane powered gun instead of something which consumes a whole CO2 Capsule per 2 magazines. Of course the other advantage is that while a CO2 gun must consume a whole capsule before re-gassing, a conventional gas gun can be topped up whenever you feel like it.

The CO2 on the other hand, though costlier, will not only shoot harder but supply a lot cripser and more solid kick as well and allow faster cycling on the same setup.

Special features on this gun include a slightly longer slide, frame and barrel for theta little bit more accuracy, a textured grip similar to that found on Kbr warriors, and fiber optic sights for a better sight picture in low light environments.

This is not the inferior alternative, merely the more conservative and sustainable one.

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