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HFC M11 Full Set (ABS Version)

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Product Code: HG-203
Weight: 1,500 g
Length: 410 mm
Capacity: 40 rds
Power: 270 fps (0.67 Joules)
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$98.00

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Out of stock
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A very realistic machine pistol, the M11A1 from HFC is another very popular piece in airsoft. Made with high quality ABS, this is a heavy piece. Finishing is also top notch that makes the M11 look convincingly real. And unlike most other airsoft pieces, this M11 is heavy even without the all metal magazine inserted. Semi and full-auto selectable. Very quick and very fast action that allows you to spray a bullet-hose. Standard 47 round magazine can be emptied in under 3 seconds (at 15 rounds per second!). Very solid feel with accurate trigger and excellent blowback feedback. Threaded barrel can readily take the plastic mock silencer (included). Extendable and foldable metal stock. Metal cocking lever, trigger, fire selector lever and removable magazine. Bolt cycles on each shot fully opening breach cover, and locks open on empty magazine to signal reload. Strong blowback action with very solid feeling. Performance, feel and rate of fire matches KSC M11 and it even comes with a silencer - means this SMG is excellent value for money! Note that HFC M11 magazines are 100% interchangeable into the KSC M11, and vice versa

Remember to check our accessories section for the M11 silencer. Several models are available for selection. For other types of silencers, look at our ACCESSORIES - SILENCERS section. The barrel thread on this M11 is standard, and is compatible with metal silencers designed for the KSC M11.

Also consider this CQB conversion kit from G&P! Find it in our ACCESSORIES - CONVERSION KITS-GBB section! Place your mouse pointer over the picture below for a description! G&P CQB Tactical Rail Kit for KSC M11A1 is available for installing a scope and laser / flashlight onto your M11.  Look for it in our ACCESSORIES - CONVERSION KITS-GBB section

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