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PRODUCT DETAILS HFC Cougar (Full Metal, Full Auto, Black) (Clearance)

HFC Cougar (Full Metal, Full Auto, Black) (Clearance)

Product Brand: HFC
Product Code: HGA-160B-C
Weight: 800 g
Length: 183 mm
Capacity: 17 rds
Power: 290 fps
Power Source: HFC1344A, Green Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi, Full Auto
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Unit Price: USD$94.99
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Out of Stock


Currently there aren't many choices on the market if you want a Cougar gas blowback pistol, even less so if you want a full-metal, full-auto one!! This full-metal marvel has a full-metal exterior and it gives some really nice metallic noises when firing this gun. The trigger pull is very nice and crisp, and the response is good. It has pretty decent performance for a little gun, with 290fps performance with Green Gas and .2g BBs.

Although the best thing about it, is that it features full-auto fire. Hearing the metallic clinks on full-auto fire it quite simply music to the ears. It empties the magazine with no slowing down in the speed, with a swift and smooth slide mechanism. This pocket-rocket makes for an excellent gas blowback gun indeed!

The gun empties a full magazine in full auto, with ease. Take a look at the video:

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