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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon DAWSON ST1 Complete

Airsoft Surgeon DAWSON ST1 Complete

Product Brand:

Airsoft Surgeon

Product Code: AS-GBB-073
Weight: 1,178 g
Length: 270 mm
Capacity: 31 rds
Power: 0 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$1633.00

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The ST1 DAWSON (6 inch inner barrel) has been modified for accuracy, speed, and reliability for faster target acquisition.

ST1 style compensated barrel system delivers all the advantages of race pistol in lighter, faster reacting, and accurate package.

Compensated and buffered slide decreases overall slide cycle time allowing the shooter to achieve faster follow up shots. Also the slide has lightening cuts on the front and rear to reduce weight, and custom serrations. With an overall weight of 38.9 oz, the Dawson ST1 complete is significantly lighter in weight than full size race pistols.

The Dawson is mounted with a 90 degrees side mount, drastically lowering the height of the dot to the bore and completely removing any obstruction of the ejection port. Due to the lower dot the shooter is no longer forced to compensate their aiming point on very close or long distance targets as they are with traditional scope mounts.

- Super light 1pound trigger pull set to world top shooter's standard, allows you to do double taps very easily.

- Airsoft Surgeon steel hexagon screws for extra high strength as well as fantastic resistance to weather, rusting and wear.

Additional enhancements include extra-large "ICE" aluminum magwell, ambidextrous safeties, high rise grip safety, steel hammer, full length guide rod system, & checkered front strap and mainspring housing.

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