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PRODUCT DETAILS Airsoft Surgeon Brazos Open Pro

Airsoft Surgeon Brazos Open Pro

Product Brand:

Airsoft Surgeon

Product Code: AS-GBB-034
Weight: 1,156 g
Length: 268 mm
Capacity: 30 rds
Power: 310 fps
Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$1615.00

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As an open class type competition racegun, this piece goes the whole nine yards. With a full length slide and as well as a compensator, the inner barrel runs to 7 inches in length for that raw spike in performance level.

The installation of an optics mount gives it that top notch sighting setup for competing. With iron sights redundant, there is no front sight at all and the rear is replaced with a cocking handle to make racking the slide easier (as the optic can make it difficult otherwise). The cocking handle can be removed and installed they other way around if your shoot left handed and rack with your right.

An all silver upper frame, slide and compensator give it a stark and simple look, its staggered holes emulating the lightening look of real competition weapons giving this piece an aggressive almost shark like sweeping look to its design. The lower grip is in simple black as are the various trimmings giving the overall weapon a distinct monotone black and white look.

With the long barrel, the chrono is reporting around 310-320 (depending on ambient conditions like temperature) with striking accuracy and Airsoft Surgeon consistent performance. It feeds from Tokyo Marui 30 round hi-capa magazines so replacements are easy enough to find. Should you want or need to tweak or tune further, as a Marui standard hi-capa system that is a relatively strait forward prospect.

This weapon comes with an Airsoft Surgeon Design Range Bag (AS-RB) giving you a handsome yet understated method for carrying around and storing your gorgeous handgun. It will also hold 6 additional magazines and small tools making quite the handy little satchel. You can find out more details of this bag by searching for it separately and reading its own product description.