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PRODUCT DETAILS Marushin Anaconda Maxi8 6inch X-Cartridge Series (Silver / ABS) 6mm BB

Marushin Anaconda Maxi8 6inch X-Cartridge Series (Silver / ABS) 6mm BB

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Product Code: MRUS-041585
Weight: 732 g
Length: 295 mm
Capacity: 6 rds
Power: 280 fps
Power Source:
Blowback: YES
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto
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Unit Price: USD$139.00

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A gorgeous large-frame revolver, the Marushin Anaconda has been around for a good long while now; originally with an 8-inch barrel, this shorter 6-inch version replicates the very same weapon in a shorter format. The revolver is still a double-action system.

Making use of the X Cartridge system, the gas is loaded into the pistol itself but the 8mm BBs are loaded into 6 individual shells with one BB per shell. The pistol has a nice heft to it and each shell is a nifty 28g each; a combination that makes loading and emptying the weapon a real treat.

The use of ABS reduces weight but the sheer size of this piece still puts it in the same weight range as many metal semi auto pistols. The smooth running high mass chamber still retains its ability to perform a one handed flick closing of the chamber.

Running on Green gas which it is supposed to, it will crank out 6mm (0.35g) at around 250 fps which is under 1 joule (310 fps with a 6mm 0.2g BB) giving it nice power for a short range weapon. Of course as a shell 6-shot weapon it is not ideal for gaming but its nice to know your handsome weapon can still do the job.

Although you can run it on Green / Top gas we seriously recommend you do not do so. Marushin weapons are designed for HFC so while Green gas will overclock it to superior performance levels that will risk the integrity of the system. Overclocked speed will also mean your hop-up will produce erratic shooting but with the right gas and BBs that same hop-up will ensure nice regular shooting.

While this 6-inch version is not as visually intimidating as the 8-inch model, it is still a large revolver with a distinctly old fashioned brute force look about it. Of course, its smaller size also makes it easier to use than abnormally long weapons as this version handles not too much unlike any other normal sidearm.

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